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Vintage Turquoise Polka Dot Mouse Pad With Memory Foam™ Wrist Rest 9.17" x 10.15"

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Vintage Turquoise Polka Dot Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

The Vintage Turquoise Polka Dot mouse pad with Memory Foam™ wrist rest is an ergonomic mouse pad with a soft black background, and turquoise, dark turquoise, and white polka dots. Carpal tunnel is no joke and extremely painful, but one of the best ways to tackle it is by supporting your wrist with a wrist rest pad when you use your mouse. The official Memory Foam™ resting pad contours to your wrist every time you use it and while it's soft on the skin it provides the excellent support you need. This is one essential desk and computer accessories item that should be required on the office supplies list for everyone who uses a mouse. The custom-printed neoprene insert lays flat inside the recessed area of the foot-shaped mouse pad base to make cleaning it super easy. Get your mouse pad with wrist rest and give your wrist the support it needs today!

  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Easy clean
  • Ergonomic Memory Foam™ wrist support
  • Foot-shaped semi-opaque black plastic base
  • One size: 9.17" (w) x 10.15" (h) (25.80cm (w) x 23.30cm (h)

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