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Magnolia Blossoms Large Desk Pad 24" x 14" 1/4" Thick Neoprene Non-Slip Base

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Magnolia Blossoms Large Desk Pad 

The Magnolia Blossoms large desk pad will help you create an inspiring workspace! A desk blotter should be the first item on your desk accessories and office supplies lists because it helps protect your forearms from fatigue and strain by giving you a softer resting place while you work and this large desk pad is extra comfortable! Workdays definitely become brighter and more productive when your desk is inspiring, well designed, and organized. This custom desk pad is an edge-to-edge design without a hemmed edge, 1/4" thick long-lasting neoprene with a non-slip rubber base.  Get your Magnolia Blossoms large desk pad and home office decor collection today and create the more comfortable office of your dreams!

  • Easy clean
  • Durable neoprene
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • 24" x 14"
  • 1/4" thick

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