Credit & Contributers

Here at The Office Supplies Nerd we are graphic and product designers, not graphic artists. In fact, we are sure there are occasions we couldn't draw a straight line if it weren't for the programs we use to make our designs or a big ruler. Every design is indeed, a custom designed item but we use elements from our favorite Graphic Artists to create our custom designs. We want to give credit to those Graphic Artists. These are the Artists we absolutely love and highly recommend. We do have a commercial license for every element we use so rest assured your items are legit and legal.

Kate and Aaron Rose from DigitalCurio. Kate does amazing artistry and her eclectic style fits our Founder, Willow, to a T or a big W, you could say. Kate is also most definitely one on our go-to lists for our designs.

Tanya Kart at ATartDigital is an incredibly talented and wonderful Artist that we probably use the most. Her designs speak to our hearts and souls. If you need something gorgeous and well done, she's definitely on the go-to list for us.