Wondering How To Get More Engagement On Facebook?

Wondering How To Get More Engagement On Facebook?

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Facebook is a social media platform that truly stumps a lot of small business owners. The algorithm seems to change often and usually without any warning or notification of those changes so a lot of small business owners, home-based business owners, and direct sellers are left scratching their heads about how to get more engagement on their Facebook Business Page.

One of the best Facebook post ideas to grab your audience's attention is to ask them questions. Experiment with these elements by sharing different types of questions to see which Facebook posts resonate with your audience the most. No matter what Facebook post ideas you have and what you use, increasing the number of your posts will help you see more engagement in your posts.

Use Facebook Audience Insights to understand when users are most engaged with your posts and try to post regularly during those times. This will give you an idea of ​​when you can expect to get the most engagement on your posts.

To do this, go to "Page Statistics" where you will see your latest posts with notes on content type, average reach and engagement for each post. While you're experimenting with different Facebook post engagement ideas, if you want to know what types of posts work best for your business and audience, check your Facebook Page account statistics. Customize your Facebook post ideas to be posts that your specific audience would like to see in order to get more attention.

Remember though, question post ideas aren't your only options for high fan engagement, but they can help you start getting more likes, shares, comments, and more.

The more people who engage with your content, the more posts Facebook will show. Therefore, posting them frequently is a great strategy to increase the likelihood of your content being seen. Images, text and videos get more engagement than any other type of Facebook post.

And when they do, it tells the Facebook algorithm that people are interacting with your page or group, and those who have liked or commented on your post may be interested in more content from you. A Facebook interaction is any action someone takes on your Facebook Page or in one of your posts. This is important to know, as this early engagement encourages Facebook to place your post in multiple news feeds. First, engagement helps boost your newsfeed rankings according to the Facebook algorithm.

In fact, Facebook has confirmed that posting at the right time helps boost Facebook engagement rates significantly. Increase user engagement and by posting at the right time during the day, you can get more likes, shares, followers, and retweets. Now, if your audience is most active during business hours, this is incredibly accessible. With so many companies competing for space in the Facebook News Feed during peak hours, it can be hard to grab attention if you post at the same time.

Rush hour is not the best time to post on most social media platforms, including Facebook. Generally, the best time to post on Facebook is between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and the best days are Thursday and Friday if you want maximum engagement. However, I’ve found that there are numerous different recommendations for when the best time to post on Facebook is. I think it’s really more an individually personalized algorithm and the best thing to do is watch your page statistics and use the Facebook planner to see when your best time to post is.  Because Facebook News Feed is based on an algorithm, your followers won't necessarily see your content the moment it's published but Facebook does eventually pick up on your best posting times.

Since Facebook stories appear at the top of users' feeds, you can post them at any time without worrying about spamming your followers. It may seem a bit odd to share content from your contests, but collecting interesting and high-quality posts from other people is a proven strategy for increasing engagement on Facebook. Sharing tips is another way to keep your Facebook active and engaging. Posting tutorials and images/videos or tutorial images is also a great way to keep your Facebook page active and get reposts.

However, another benefit is that after that you can reuse the live video on Facebook and post it on your page as you normally would for people to view later. Such video content will garner a huge audience and lead to a Facebook post for more engagement. Viral images are always a great way to see more engagement as Facebook users love relevant content that is easy to share. One of The Direct Sellers Cottage posts is our “Nerdy Facts Alert” and oddly enough, these get quite a bit of engagement. I’m a nerdy facts lover so for our business this came naturally. These are usually random facts that have to do with direct selling or a direct selling company, or if it’s some type holiday, we’ll post facts about the holiday.

Creating a Facebook group is another great way to get fans involved. This is because if many people interact with your content, it leaves Facebook with a positive sign that you are offering good things to the community. They want to interact with content that makes them smile, think, or improve their lives in some way. Whether you're encouraging the public to donate to a campaign or simply raising awareness for a good cause, these posts are great for increasing engagement and building rapport with your audience.

If you're looking to increase sales or drive traffic to your website, using testimonials and comments will inspire potential customers to engage with your Facebook posts and take meaningful action. So don’t ignore these types of Facebook posts, as they can get a lot of attention, help build consumer trust, and even boost your industry role model status. Whether you're sharing a video, photo, or creating a poll, adding questions to the title of your Facebook post gives you the best chance of having a valuable two-way conversation with your social media audience. Posting a challenge or contest and encouraging users to tag friends in the comments can be one of the best ways to increase brand engagement.

To ensure natural interaction and to highlight your marketing, you can post branded GIFs in comments and replies, add them as short videos to your News Feed, or use them as an image to post to a Facebook group. Whenever a customer or subscriber posts about your product, leaves a review, you can repurpose that user-generated content and post it to your Facebook feed. Get creative with your Facebook engagement strategy by sharing fun and helpful posts to engage your audience with your posts. The most common examples are likes, comments, and posts, but they can also include tagging your location or tagging a post.

Facebook will also take into account how people interact with the link you added (how many people click on the link and interact with the post). Besides page interaction, there are other factors that Facebook will use to rank your posts. Not everyone wants to spend money on Facebook ads, but it can help increase engagement by periodically boosting a post, which is considered an ad and does cost money.

Just keep in mind that you are posting for interaction with your audience and not just selling your products or services. Social media is really about building relationships and too many people just focus on marketing their products instead of the relationship building aspect. When you change your mindset about the goal of your posts on Facebook and find what your audience seems to interact best with, that’s when your Facebook engagement will really take off.


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