What The Direct Sellers Cottage Is All About

What The Direct Sellers Cottage Is All About

Direct Sellers Cottage Hello World Article for direct sellers

Welcome to our very first blog post from The Direct Sellers Cottage!

The Direct Sellers Cottage was created by our Founder, Willow from her real life cottage? It’s where she lives with her husband and small furbabies and works from home full-time in healthcare as a Coordinator for a subspecialty called Interventional Pulmonology; and where she also operates my own small business as an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

Here’s what Willow had to say about starting The Direct Sellers Cottage:

When I first signed up with Avon several years ago, I signed up online all on my own. I thought I would get an upline leader to help mentor and guide me. I’m not sure what went wrong in the process but that didn’t happen. A few years later, when the Pandemic hit the US, I found that my little family really needed more income to supplement my paycheck and I began looking for ideas.

One day while searching the internet, it suddenly hit me! I had this business already but I wasn’t doing anything with it. I figured what would be the worst thing if I tried working it and nothing happened. I wouldn’t be out a bunch of money and I was buying the stuff I used at a nice discount already. Then I thought, what if I tried working it and it took off?

What If It Worked?

I started by setting up a Facebook Business Page. I invited every lady and a few gents to like my page. I wasn’t shy about sending those invites either. I looked at it as if I send the invite, they could choose to like the page or not. It’s not like I was force-feeding anyone anything.

I got excited when people started liking my page. I was even more excited when I got my first two orders on my website. The next great thing to happen was I found out that I had a new upline leader. She was more than happy to help answer questions and encourage my pursuit of building my business. Then later, I suddenly had my first Recruit. Then just a few days after that I had another Recruit. That’s when things changed for me!

My Number One Priority

My number one priority in my business was that I did not want my recruits to feel like they didn’t have support and guidance. I started tossing around the idea of building a private group for us on Facebook where we could collaborate, train, bounce ideas around and feel connected as a team.

One day in another, much larger, Avon group, I saw a lady who had posted several times that she needed help too. Her upline leader was very busy and didn’t always have time to answer her questions. She didn’t have time to guide her through ideas. I related to what she was going through. It was the same situation I had several years earlier. I reached out to her and tried to answer as many questions as I could. I just didn’t want her to feel alone in her journey. She had a lot of the same questions as my Recruits. That is what made the decision for me to start our team group. The Avonista’s Tribe was born! The premise behind it is the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” and it fits us to a T.

Support, Encouragement & Guidance Go A Long Way

I’ve heard several times from my team members that if they didn’t have the support and guidance they might not be as excited as they are. It’s encouraged them to step out of their boxes and comfort zones. If you want to run your own small business, sometimes that’s just what it’s going to take! We’ve talked about everything from how to order, what to order, how to get customers, what to cook for dinner because we don’t have time, and we’ve even talked about cleaning tips because we are busy ladies!

 That’s how The Direct Sellers Cottage came about. I wanted to be able to encourage people who are doing so much and have limited amounts of time to keep on the hustle. Keep on the grind. Keep going! You CAN do this! You can be successful, feel fulfilled, and find joy in the journey. There are going to be tips and tricks for business building; working your business from home; how-to’s, anything to make the journey less frustrating and more workable.

Welcome to The Direct Sellers Cottage! As I always say, come in, have a cup of tea and let’s chat!

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