How To Have An Online Party

How To Have An Online Party

A direct sales online party can be a great way to boost your side hustle business! After all, how many work from home jobs encourage online party’s? Like I always say, it’s your business, work it your way. So really, are there any better jobs to work from home than your own company having parties?

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of direct sales companies that have developed the online party technique yet. It is more of a “you’re on your own with that one” kind of feeling, and unless your upline has developed their own online party technique to show you, you’ll basically be baking that cake from scratch.

 My team all wanted to know how to do online parties but there wasn’t any kind of developed layout for our company. I did tons of research. Then, I did more research. Then I did my first online party. In simple terms, you are doing your “product presentation” or home party plan online.

The two most important things about doing an online party, and I cannot stress this enough, are know your products and plan ahead! Let me say this again for those in the back of the room – know your products and plan ahead! These two things actually go hand in hand. One without the other might cause your online party to be an online flop! *boo* *hiss* Nobody has time for that.

Why Plan Ahead

You want to plan ahead instead of “winging it” because you’re likely to sound totally discombobulated if you don’t. (Yes, discombobulated is a real word. It means confused and disconcerted.) Discombobulated translates into unprofessional. Unprofessional leads part goers to think you don’t really know what you’re doing and just maybe you’re not sure of your product.

Have you ever heard of a “pitch deck”? A pitch deck is a presentation used to pitch an idea or company to an audience, generally investors. It’s a detailed, concise overview of a business that tells investors why they should put their money into the pitch deck business.  In essence and broad theory, that’s exactly what your online party is, a pitch deck. Your investors are your customers. Think of the show Shark Tank. Would you go on that show without planning ahead? The answer is a hard no, of course not, are you crazy for even asking such a dumb question, kind of no. Your online party is your Shark Tank, my friend.

 I rest my case for planning ahead. After your first online party, please come back and thank me. I’m absolutely positive you will be glad you did plan ahead.

Decide How You Want To Do Your Parties

I’ve seen all kinds of online party set-ups. The most successful online parties that I’ve been a part of have been done on Facebook but there are other options. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • HouseParty app
  • Sqweee
  • EventCreate

With each of these keep in mind the party guests will need to either have the software or create an account, which some people may be reluctant to do. Some of these are also subscription services for you. Check them out thoroughly before you jump in. 

My team uses Facebook and I think until your party calendar is regularly booked this is the best way to start out. Most people have Facebook and it’s free.

Choose the length of the party you want to run. You can do “pop-up” parties but they aren’t as effective in my opinion. You can also do three days, five days, seven days, or ten days. The five or seven day option is usually best. Open your party to guests on day one and post throughout the days the party is running. Do a live event on the sixth or seventh day.

online party plannerUsing A Party Planner

The easy answer to the question of “how do I plan an online party ahead of time?” is actually a pretty simple, and very effective tool called a party planner. We have some in our Shop that you can purchase once and print over and over again. You can also get one in the free printables set we offer at the bottom of the page or find one by using Google.

A party planner ensures that you keep a cohesive and pulled-together feel throughout the whole party while keeping those attending the party engaged and hopefully, having fun too. You want your party to be fun to keep potential buyers engaged. The more engaged they feel, the more likely they are to buy or even join your team as a new recruit.

A party planner will also help you keep to the theme of the party. If your theme is a day at the beach you don’t want to post a snowy Christmas post. Your theme helps set the mood of the party from day one, and that goes right back to keeping people attending the party engaged.

The 70/30 Rule

As wild and crazy as this might sound, you are not posting for sales. I know, you probably think I’m nuts for saying that and asking yourself “Isn’t that the whole reason I’m having an online party?!” Here me out before decide to run for the hills because this is a Pro-Tip for sure!

You are not posting for sales. You are posting for engagement.

Remember the tidbit about the more engaged your party attendees are the more likely they are to buy I talked about earlier? This is exactly why you’re not posting for sales.

The best rule of thumb is the 70/30 rule. Keep approximately 70% of the posts fun, inspiring, a game, or theme related, and only 30% sales. Some people opt for an 80/20 rule but it's the same principle. If you do nothing but sales posts it’s going to be dry and definitely not very fun for those attending the party. In addition to that, if you have read any of my other articles you know that I’m all about not “ramming” sales down customers throats.

Using a party planner that has a content planner and planning ahead will help ensure you keep the 70/30 balance.

Featured Products

If your company has hundreds of products there is no way that you can present them all in an online party so you need to decide which ones you are going to feature throughout the party and which ones will be the feature products during your live event.

This is where you will “niche down” for the party. If you are using a theme, pick theme appropriate products. If you are doing a skin care party, keep the products to the skin care line.

Once you have decided which products you are featuring during your party, study up. This is why the article Get To Know Your Products was written. You absolutely must know the details on your products and what solutions they offer the customer. You cannot find the pain point resolution if you don’t know which items solve the problem. Read product sheets offered by your company. If there’s a special ingredient being touted in a product and clear information on the ingredient isn’t provided by the company, Google that sucker! What is that ingredient in there to do? How does it work?

You want to be able to answer as many questions as possible a customer throws at you if it’s a featured product. If you are caught off guard by a question, don’t panic. Just respond with something like “That’s a great question! I never thought to ask that, so I’ll have to look into it and get back with you. Can you message your email address so I can find the answer to your question and get that answer to you?”

Games and Prizes

Online party games are a fabulous way to get the audience engaged and grow your opportunity for further developing a relationship with your potential customer. Whoever wins a prize for a game will have to give you their name and address so you can mail the prize. You can do one game per day or every other day. If you tell someone they won a prize and get their information be sure to send them their gift. Not sending the gift will turn a customer away. 

When you mail the prize, you will want to include a brochure, a business card with your contact information, and a little note congratulating them on winning the game or thanking them for participating in the party. I also send a wish list they can fill out as they look through their brochure. You can also include a reminder that a big wish list is a big reason to book a party.

Plan your games and your prizes. It’s better to have the gifts and prizes on hand so there’s no delay in getting it the winner. This is also another advantage to using a party planner. It will all be lined out and ready when your party launches. You won’t be scrambling later to figure what to send the customer.

Be Prepared For The Live Event

Test your equipment beforehand. Make sure all the technical stuff works and you know how to use it. I highly recommend you run a practice session before your first run at a live for a party. 

Another thing to really consider for your live event is the background people will see behind you while you’re on camera. You want the background to be clean and as clutter free as possible. I have shelves with my products set up like my own little store and pictures related to my business. I’ve also been an attendee at an online party that had the Consultants dirty laundry piled up behind her. It just wasn’t conducive for the image she wanted to put forth. Yes, I know, we all have laundry but do we really want the world to look at our big pile of dirty laundry?

Start off your live event with a quick introduction about yourself. Think of it as your own 20 second commercial. Keep it brief, to the point, and most of all friendly!

As you bring the Live to a close you want to be sure to encourage other attendees to book a party. Typically party-goers want to help their Hostess get as many gifts as possible and offering an additional gift for a party booking will help boost the potential for more parties. This is also where you will want to do your recruiting pitch and providing information where/how they go to sign up.

I hope you found this article helpful and it’s the first in a series all about having successful online parties so be sure to sign up below for the newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

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