Do You Really Need An Office?

Do You Really Need An Office?

Do you really need an office?

No, but you do need dedicated work space. Read on to find out why...

My little cottage is truly my happy place. It’s small but perfect for the season of life that I’m in. It’s cozy, comfortable and welcoming. When I started working from home I set myself up in a corner of the dining room. Then my husband made the observation that I really needed an office. He gave up the room that was his “man cave”. He painted it blush pink, got me a nice big desk and declared it my office. *Swoon!* My heart melted and I thought it was one of the sweetest things ever.

In reality, I think I was getting on his nerves with constantly having to listen to me on the phone and stay out of the way while I was participating in a Zoom meeting. However, I choose the happy story that he adores me so much he just wanted me to be more comfortable and happier working from home. Happy wife, happy life, or something like that.

Shortly after my move into the blush-colored converted man cave, I decided to pick up my Avon business and really work it. I had to make room in my office for my business. I wanted to be inspired every single day to plan my work and work my plan. That’s what an office should help you do.

Think Outside The Box

The funny thing is that an office doesn’t have to be an office. You see in my office I actually have my crafting space on one wall, my exercise bike on another wall and my office is only a corner of the room. But – it inspires me! It spurs me on! to think and plan.

 Take a closet and turn it into your office. Use a corner in your bedroom. You can even take a small shelf and use that as your dedicated office space. Use a vanity and dedicate that as your office space. The possibilities are endless. Just make it organized and yours!

 If you’re stumped on ideas on how to create an office space specifically dedicated to your business I have one word for you, Pinterest! Head over to my Pinterest corner and check out my Office Ideas board. I’ll include links at the bottom of the page. Any time I need inspiration I pop over to Pinterest and just like magic, there are tons of ideas!

Your “Work Spot”

You just need a dedicated spot that when you go there, you are working your business. It needs to give you fuel for the direct selling journey. It can be as basic or as bougie as you want it. The space needs to be where you keep your catalogs, your notes on customers, your calendar, whatever you need to effectively run your business. It needs to be organized and efficient for your style.

Ever Seen a 5-Year-Old Clean A Toilet With A Blush Brush? 

Don’t leave your business items scattered throughout the house. I could tell you a story about finding my oldest child cleaning the toilet with a blush brush to reiterate my point but I think you get the idea. There’s nothing like getting a call from a customer with an order, slapping it down on the first thing you can find, leaving it sitting, remembering it hours later, and all of a sudden you can’t find the paper you wrote it down on. If you’ve got dedicated business space you’re a lot less likely to lose that piece of paper.

It’s Ok For It To Be An Ever-Changing Process

Don’t be surprised if the office space becomes an ever-changing process of organization. As your business grows you’ll find new ways of doing things that work for you. That’s the best part of being part of a direct selling company, it’s your business and you work it your way.

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