Check Out These Direct Selling Companies

Check Out These Direct Selling Companies

Direct selling is a feasible way to supplement your income or in some cases, even replace it. According to the Direct Selling Association, it is predicted that in 2021 we will have seen a growth of 4% to 7% in direct selling. That is estimated to be between $41.7 to $42.9 billion in U.S. direct selling retail sales. It’s my belief the Pandemic of 2020 lead to an increase in people who want to work from home, have more flexible working hours, and realize the need to have some type of supplemental income.

Independent Sales Representatives work from home on their own but are affiliated with a specific company. This works because the representatives and consultants are able to work from home and work their business the way they want while putting the company’s products in the hands of the consumer. The basis of direct selling is the same throughout the industry but each company has its own set-up and plans for their work from home salesforce.

Which direct selling companies are considered the best? For this answer, I have to refer back to the Direct Selling Association once again. They are considered the gold standard in the direct selling industry. The Association started in 1910 and they are still dedicated to ensuring that the direct selling opportunity is held to the highest standard of ethics while empowering and furthering the whole industry.


Amway – Started in 1959 by two great friends, the company has become the world’s largest direct selling company. They currently offer products in nutrition, beauty, personal care, and the home. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products and a customer perks points program. They promote a retail margin on every Amway product sold by an Independent Business Owner with their company.

Learn more about Amway at Amway


Arbonne – Founded in 1975 in Switzerland and coming to the US in 1980, they promote a healthy living, holistic, and whole person approach to improve the mind, body and skin.  They offer skincare, nutrition, cosmetics, hair care and baby products.

You can find out more at Arbonne

Mary Kay             

Mary Kay Inc. – Mary Kay Ash started Beauty by Mary Kay in 1963 with one foundation and four skincare products. This is truly a company founded by a woman to empower and help women by growing the work from movement with direct selling. Known for their signature pink color, pink Cadillacs, and pink packaging they have grown their line of products substantially since their beginning. Mary Kay now offers multiple skincare lines, makeup, body & sun products, fragrances, and a men’s line. Mary Kay also backs their products with a guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied they will replace it at no charge or refund the full purchase price upon its return.

You can learn more about Mary Kay at Mary Kay


Avon also known as New Avon Company – Established in 1886, 34 years before women could vote in the U.S., founder David McConnell didn’t set out to create a direct selling beauty company. He started out as a traveling book salesman who created his own fragrances to give to the ladies who answered the doors so he could present his books for sale. He found the ladies were more interested in the perfumes than the books. These days they have expanded their product line to include skincare, makeup, bath & body, wellness products, hair care, oral care, fragrances, jewelry, fashion, a men’s line of products, and a home line. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products, offer free websites to their mascara-maven work from home representatives, and a competitive earning plan.

Learn more about Avon at Willows Avon Shop 

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef – Doris Christopher had her first cooking party on Oct. 15, 1980, in Chicago, IL, and Pampered Chef was born. A true work from the home beginning. Offering every kind of kitchen tool you could possibly ever want, pantry items of spices, sauces, and mixes, along with recipes galore Pampered Chef has come a long way. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee on their products as well. They offer direct selling opportunities for their Consultants with a commission-based earning opportunity.

Check out Pampered Chef at Pampered Chef


Scentsy – Originally founded in 2003 and then bought in 2004 by Orville Thompson and his wife Heidi, Scentsy is a direct selling only company. They offer candle warmers, scented wax melts and bars, diffusers, essential oils, fans, purifiers and pods, car pods, room sprays, a body line, laundry products, a kids line, and a pets line. They have tons of warmers and scents as well as offering seasonal items too.

If you’re looking for more info you can go to Scentsy 


Thirty-one – Set up in 2003, Founder Cindy Monroe, started Thirty-one with the goal of helping women run their own successful direct selling business working from home. Known for their stylish and fashionable bags and totes they offer lots of different fabric choices and personalization. Like all direct selling companies, they offer a commission-based earnings program along with training and coaching.

Find out more about Thirty-one at Thirty One

Whatever kind of direct selling business that you want to get into there is an opportunity out there. This is not a complete list of direct selling companies but they are some of the best and most well-known.

The greatest thing about setting up a side hustle as a direct seller is that it’s your business. Sign up, do all the training your company offers, learn about your products, set your goals, and go for it!

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